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Private sessions with Tina Craig, EFT MasterWorking Together

I have helped men and women of all ages get through emotional issues, physical pain, and stuckness of all varieties and emerge with lives that they love. I have a special fondness for empowering younger women as they get started in the world, and it's always a joy to see a youthful enthusiasm restored for clients my own age after we release a few decades of struggle. The one thing they all have in common is an interest in their own emotional journey. Each client has a different story and a different challenge, yet we all face similar human issues...and I'm fascinated by every single process.

Some clients want to make the most of Law of Attraction and conquer the world, and others just want more freedom and happiness. I'm a recovered ass-kicking world conqueror become wisdom-seeking spiritual warrior, so no matter what your ambition, I'll be right there with you. I believe that the best way to get anywhere is through authenticity and genuine personal change.

Growth and change require an individualized process, and I customize my strategy for each client.

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“Releasing the trauma from my past was a huge relief, but then I needed to move forward on a better path. Tina’s incredible coaching skills, complimented by a high level of intuition, continue to help me on my journey toward mastering the present.  Simply stated, she has been a gift to my life.”  -  Linette H.


$200 per one hour session
$150 per hour with a 10 session commitment
(PayPal has a payment option)

A free 30 minute consultation is available for prospective clients who meet the criteria for success in this work.

This process works best if we can commit ten sessions at a time to each other. That gives us enough time to make solid progress, and an opportunity to review before the next ten.

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Growth and healing can start today.
Growth and healing can start today.

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  • You feel stuck.
  • You want more out of life.
  • Self-help isn't getting you far enough.
  • Your "stuff" is blocking your progress.
  • You just feel like something is missing.
  • You want a stronger spiritual connection but you just can't surrender.
  • You haven't quite mastered your life yet.
  • You're tired of struggling.

YES to any of the above?

Then YES! you are ready.

And YES it's a significant investment.

But keep in mind that actually healing the issues means getting out of the ongoing "growth" cycle and finding results that last!

How much is the quality of your life worth? Probably more than it will take to improve it.

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Sessions are scheduled weekly and conducted by Skype. This can be adjusted to fit your needs.
Cancellations must be received a full 24 hours before the scheduled session or a replacement session will not be scheduled. 
No refunds. Any unused prepaid sessions can be used within a year.