Growth and transformation with Tina Craig EFT Master
Butterfly - The Spirit Animal of Transformation

Setting Intention

As with any personal growth process, we will start by identifying the end point, or the results we want to achieve in your life. We'll run them through the "authenticity filter" to be sure they match who you are, we'll break them down into intermediate steps if necessary, and then we'll establish the metrics, or the measurements, we use to evaluate progress.

Most coaching strategies include metrics, and it's fairly easy to find objective ways to measure behavior. Either you did what you said you would or you didn't. In this work, it's the emotional shifts that will produce the new behaviors, so while we will be measuring tangible changes in behavior, we will also measure the more nebulous changes in your emotional state.

How? That's a good question because it isn't easy - emotional issues are slippery. Fortunately, I have my Dad's scientific mind and while I was re-designing the EFT instruction for him, I made some good improvements to the testing strategies as well. Rest assured we will have objective ways to measure progress in your emotional issues as we move forward.

Next, we'll spend some time discussing and imagining your end result - the best possible scenarios or maybe the full gamut of possible options - and before long, the blocks will show themselves. These are your ingrained limits, the reasons why you haven't found your dreams already. Then it's time to get to work.

"It was amazing working with you, and seeing how far this process could take me. My attitudes and reactions are so much different, and I now have the strength to make the changes I want rather than taking on the junk of other people’s emotions – a huge step for me!  When I first contacted you, I really did not envisage that I would feel this immense change and shift within myself and I guess that comes from working with a really good teacher!! "   -  Suki S.

Healing the Issues

We all have "issues" - hangups, insecurities, fears, limits, beliefs - and they create an ominous ceiling over your true potential.  Once we clear them away, your true self will emerge, full of all the possibility you know you deserve.

EFT, at its highest professional level, is amazingly effective and will usually provide lasting results for emotional limits of any kind. Together we'll identify the issues that need to be addressed, and I'll use my professional EFT skill to clear them. You may have homework to do between sessions, but that will depend on your individual process.

For many clients, this process is substantial but surprisingly easy. However, be advised that although EFT is a very powerful technique, clearing the issues is not always an easy process, nor is it always fast. As with anything, it will depend on how much work there is to do. Your background will be the biggest factor, along with the distance between where you are and where you want to be. I have experience with very complicated backgrounds and I can be realistic from the start about what the process might entail for you.

No matter how long it takes to get there, we will be able to see progress as we go and continue reaching the intermediate steps. And...once you're there, you're there.

“Working with Tina has been amazing! I had an overwhelming amount of issues from both my past and the present.  Her masterful approach to EFT has released me from a mountain of trauma, and has also been instrumental in saving my 25-year marriage.”   -  Linette H.

Finding wholeness through mastering the presentGrowing into Mastery

Now we get to the Personal Mastery piece. As the EFT process starts to release the fears and limiting beliefs, a more authentic version of you will start to emerge. We'll re-align your "beingness" in the world so that it supports your new, authentic path.

We'll explore concepts like:

  • Responsibility
  • Authenticity
  • Integrity
  • Confidence
  • Humility
  • Emotional Balance

With challenging discussion, enlightening exercises, and homework between sessions, applying these principles to your daily life will provide access to a new sense of power and choice that moves you toward your dreams.

For a better understanding of how this process works, my blog is the place to go.

“Working with Tina was an extraordinary experience. I laughed, cried, released old traumas and programming…and I changed!! I strongly recommend this process to anyone looking for transformation and healing in their lives.”   -  Angelica G.

Raising The Bar

This is where I climb on my soap box and you get the absolute most from my expertise.

When we dare to rise above the common expectations for character and conduct in this world, we begin to explore the true meaning of leadership.  By adopting absolute responsibility for your integrity, your communication and your happiness, we get a much better look at the role of ego in the process. Ego is the single biggest force standing between us and our divine power, and while we will never be completely without it, we don't need to be under its influence. By developing the courage to maintain this level of responsibility, we can transcend ego, and in that place we are an equal partner in creating our lives.

This level of performance takes an unusual amount of courage and is there for those who want to stretch that far. Most clients find significant transformation in the Healing the Issues and Growing into Mastery segments of the process.

Customizing the Journey

These steps are not mutually exclusive - they will overlap and intertwine as we go. Each client comes with a unique set of circumstances so no two development processes will be alike. We will move at the pace that works best for you.

If your highest priority is deeper healing with EFT, we can make that our focus. However, once EFT clears the issues, the personal mastery work will help you leave the old programming behind and move forward in a much more productive direction. I can apply it effectively at any level of the healing process.

“My sessions with Tina have been inspiring, funny and have given a new perspective on how to approach life. She has the perfect balance of spiritual insight and a sharp analytical mind to provide the best guidance with any kind of issue. It is her brilliance, kindness, and  extreme generosity I will be forever grateful for.”   -  Christa H.