Pervasive Healing

When reducing the impact of Ego is the goal, deep, pervasive healing is far more powerful than surface tools. Getting to the source means finding the individual events that hold Ego in place and resolving them completely. Any difficult experience will leave impact not only in your thoughts, but in your energy system and in an emotional response. Clearing it from all three dimensions is imperative for a goal this ambitious.  

At the foundation of my practice is a professional strength version of EFT that addresses difficult events from all three dimensions so that they are resolved completely, and no longer provide power for the Ego. In addition, I have developed unique and creative ways to test results, not only on the specific events we are addressing, but also in the broader realm of changing emotions, shifting beliefs, and the influence of Ego.

There may be other healing methods that can accomplish the same thing, and I'm in favor of whatever works. Just be sure the testing is reliable and the healing is complete.


Emotional Freedom Technique

EFT, or Emotional Freedom Technique, combines the ancient Chinese wisdom of acupuncture with a traditional therapy process. The channels of energy running through your body, aka the meridian system, are disrupted any time something uncomfortable happens in your life. Those disruptions tend to stay lodged in the system, and patterns of uncomfortable events will lead to the limiting beliefs and other issues that get in the way of forward progress.  Instead of using needles, there are a handful of points we can tap with fingertips to re-balance the energy channels. Traditional therapy strives to change what happens in your mind, but until the disruption is removed from your body, the emotional impact remains. EFT will produce shifts in your mind, body, and emotion at the same time.

"Tina’s knowledge and implementation of EFT combined with her intuition, kindness, and generosity opened the gates for new possibilities and radical changes in my life. I would recommend this path to anyone.”  -  Angelica G.

EFT Sessions

I am always available for an EFT-only process. Many of my past clients have come to me with significant physical or emotional issues looking for a skilled EFT professional. If you found me through or because your interest is primarily in EFT, just let me know. However, as the issues fade, you will need to move forward on a different path, and some form of coaching is always helpful with that. I have always provided relevant coaching as part of my service as an EFT practitioner, and my rates are the same no matter what we're doing.

“I struggled for years in my application of EFT and had been to multiple qualified practitioners, but still did not see much difference. I was convinced that EFT just did not work for me…until I started working with Tina, and finally had a breakthrough with it!”  -  Christa H.


Tina Craig and EFT Founder Gary Craig
Tina and Gary Craig

My EFT Creds

My Dad, Gary Craig, is the Founder of EFT, and I worked by his side from 2005-2015. My biggest contribution to his work has been in the training and instruction of EFT, now known as Gold Standard EFT.

I completely updated and re-designed the training material, which is now available as the Gold Standard EFT Tutorial, and I am Co-Author.

I have designed and directed three EFT certification programs:

•The EFT Academic Certification Program at (2008-2010, now closed)

•The ACEP EFT Certification Program for the Association for Comprehensive Energy Psychology (2010-2015, now closed)

•The Gold Standard EFT Certification Program at (2016 to present)

Since 2011, I have been mentoring licensed therapists as they use EFT with diagnosed cases. I have extensive experience with similar clients myself, often in partnership with a therapist or on a team of healing professionals, so I have worked through some complex issues.

I have been practicing EFT since 2005, and assumed the title of Gold Standard EFT Master Practitioner in 2011, as the Director of the ACEP EFT Certification Program. 


EFT Demos

Here are a few examples of how I use EFT in practice. Enjoy!