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Transcending Ego

Once you have found your freedom from struggle, transcending ego is the next step in Practical Evolution. To access Divine Guidance and discover true purpose, we need to rise above the needs of human ego so that being present is a continuous, genuine state. To get there, we step up with authenticity, courage, and humility to challenge the remnants of ego-based fear, then clear those issues to generate a higher level of creativity.

  1. Transcending Ego - An Overview - The Universe is always trying to help us choose the path of higher self, but it can’t be heard when we are under the influence of ego.
  2. Mastering The Present - We are venturing beyond the usual standards set by society because we aspire to a life that can only be found by forging a brand new path.
  3. What is Ego? - When I say ego, I include a more contemporary context that acknowledges how our sense of separateness compromises the connection we can have with the Universe.
  4. Forgiveness and Permission - We have been conditioned to believe “it’s easier to get forgiveness than permission.” When someone fails to keep their word, they have placed the burden on you, but forgiveness is your choice.
  5. Love as an Active Verb - Actions always speak louder than words, and there is no better place to apply that than our concept of love.
  6. Growth as a Lifestyle - Taking on growth as a lifestyle is as proactive as you can get. It’s like choosing the fast lane simply because you have somewhere to be.
  7. Owning Your Choices - Along the road to being completely authentic, the most powerful tool I have found is responsibility - owning every choice you make for better or worse.
  8. Growing Up Is Good! - Somehow we feel like growing up is boring or hard or somehow not cool. This strikes me as something a teenager would say, but not someone who has actually grown up.
  9. Water Under the Bridge - Following a disagreement, tempers cool off with time and people usually go back to the relationship as if nothing happened…or do they?
  10. Possibilities for the New Year - Inspiration is magical no matter where we find it, especially when we can convert it into positive change.
  11. Where Are Your Exceptions? - We speak of honesty, integrity and the ideals of great character in absolute terms, but few of us hold ourselves impeccably to those standards.
  12. I'm Sorry - “I’m sorry” is a common ingredient in working through misunderstandings…but how often do we stop there and excuse ourselves from the rest of the work?
  13. Memories of an Amazing World - In this world, everyone valued honesty and growth, and we were all free to create, express, and develop to our greatest potential.

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Transcending Ego

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