Serenity is an authentic, internal state of peace and clarity, and is extremely valuable in connecting with your source of guidance.  

The Divine messages that connect you with your highest True Purpose can be delivered at any time of day, not just the time you have set aside to be quiet. This is a challenge because we can’t live and function in an eternally meditative state…but we can develop the kind of internal serenity in everyday life that allows messages to come through anytime.Becoming Serene

When serenity is authentic, it is integrated, permeating both mind and body. Making a deliberate attempt to quiet the mind is a popular strategy to find more peace, but it only addresses the thought component of stress. The emotions that drive the chatter in your mind have a prominent body component as well, and that has to be addressed for a complete shift in peace.

The emotions that need to be healed for greater peace might seem like they are generated in each present moment, and can be addressed as they appear. However, if you dig a little deeper, you will find that the emotional responses you have to the everyday world are reflecting a longer history. Developing authentic serenity means following those back to the roots and healing them completely, so you no longer have to force it with a regular practice.

Let’s say Megan, like many people, has a background concern that she doesn’t measure up. She may have developed ways to be sure people like her, and she may surround herself only with people who provide support and acceptance. In that environment, she will probably feel comfortable most of the time, and may not even realize that she has the concern.

However, she may live with a low level of chatter in her system that is constantly protecting her from criticism or rejection. This chatter might stand in her way of being quiet enough to meditate or sleep peacefully. It might lead her to drink a regular glass of wine or eat unhealthy food. Or she might overcompensate with ambition at work, or a compulsive exercise routine. 

Most people live with low level chatter of some kind, and it represents background issues that will never let them truly rest until they are healed. We can get so accustomed to the constant hum that it becomes part of how we expect peace to feel.

Once in a while someone will come along and trigger an issue more acutely. In Megan’s case, maybe she goes on a date, gets feedback at work, or fails at something and beats herself up. That’s the only time she notices that there is a problem.

Does she handle it with more unhealthy food or some other crutch?
Does she use a mind-quieting tool to tone it down?
Most importantly, is she satisfied when the acute discomfort is gone but the background hum is still there?

Developing authentic serenity would require that she use the trigger as an opportunity to explore a deeper issue, and heal that issue at its source until the humming in the background goes away. With each deeper issue that she can heal completely, the more authentic serenity she will find.

And without the background concern about not measuring up, she no longer has to make sure people like her, or protect herself with a supportive network of friends. She can accept the kind of feedback that will help her grow into more responsibility at work, communicate openly in her relationships, and be exactly who she is without any fear of rejection.

When you meet someone who seems genuinely serene, isn’t this how they operate? It seems like no matter what you say or do, they will always keep their balance. They still experience emotion and use it to inform each response, but they are never overwhelmed or thrown off balance by it.

Serenity is a peaceful silence that goes beyond any kind of background hum or chatter. You can carry it with you all day long, even when people or circumstances of the world become difficult, which is a reward all on its own. The bonus is that you have also provided an open space to receive messages from Divine Guidance whenever they’re ready, and with that, you strengthen your role as a partner in finding and living your own True Purpose.