Basic Steps of AffirmationAffirmations have been around a long time, and people have become more and more creative with them, so these instructions might seem quite basic, but this is where my process starts. We are opening communication with a force that speaks a different language, so we need to know how to get our end of the conversation across. Here are the basics.

State it in the Positive: The basics of good affirmation start with declaring your new reality in positive terms. In this context, “positive” means you want to express what you want rather than what you don’t want. Negating words, like “not” or “don’t”, will not register in this language, so if you focus on what you don’t want, like “I don’t want to be alone” or “I’m not broke”, the Universe will hear “alone” and “broke”, and that’s what it will create for you.  The more powerful version would be something like “I have friends who love me” or “I make more than I spend.”

State it in the Present Tense: You need to express your request as though it is already in place. Rather than “I will weigh 130 pounds” declare that “I do weigh 130 pounds.” Further, words like “want” and “need” will register as such, so if you affirm “I want more money” or “I need a job”, the “want” and “need” is what you will perpetuate. I would be more powerful to affirm “I make $10K per month” or “I love my new job.” 

Make it Measurable: Let your request be something measurable like a particular amount of money, particular qualities in a career, or any other measurable thing. If your request is too vague it will be much harder to create and much harder to recognize when it shows up. Rather than “I make a lot of money” affirm that “I make $10K per month”. Rather than “I look amazing” affirm “I weigh 130 pounds “ or “I have 10% body fat”.

Add Visualization: The Universe does not limit conversation to the verbal realm, so adding more dimensions to your request, like visualization, will make them more impactful. Imagine some scenarios in your mind of what this new reality might look like…where are you? Who are you surrounded by? How are you spending your time? Can you see the numbers on the paycheck or the bank balance? Can you see people smiling at you in appreciation for a job well done?

Add Emotion: Any visuals you just imagined will lend themselves to emotions that you can also include for more impact. Explore how you would feel if your request were to be granted. How much satisfaction would you feel? How much deeper would your happiness be? Tune into the excitement of whatever brand new possibilities have become available with the granting of your request.

Reasonable Belief: Finally, take a look at your level of belief – without knowing how it will happen, do you truly believe this is possible for you? Do you have any previous experience or evidence to support your belief that this is a reasonable request? Or does it seem completely miraculous? Having an un-waverable belief that a new reality is indeed possible is the biggest challenge of this whole process, because if you already believed it, it would already be true. Right now, just be sure you believe it’s reasonable and that you will have help reaching it. If the resistance is already obvious at this stage, back your request down to something you can believe until you get more practice.

Start Communicating: Once you have your affirmation crafted properly, you can write it down or say it out loud, but find time to focus on it regularly – once a day is good, or a few times a week. During that time, focus on the words, but also add in the visualizations and emotions and reinforce it with your belief that it is possible. As soon as you feel solid with all of those elements, set it aside and go about your day. Messages will start to come in response and guide you toward your request.