If ego is the primary obstacle separating us from Divine wisdom and true purpose, then transcending ego is the ultimate goal for our development. The biggest challenge is that for most people, ego has been in charge since childhood, governing decisions, building strength, and gaining trust. The ego and the higher self cannot exist in the same space at the same time, so they are in competition for your attention. Once you choose to put your higher self in the game, you need to move the ego aside and balance the playing field so your higher self has a fighting chance of scoring some points in your life. 

We start with the big issues - the ones that might seem excessive or overly protective and put limits on your life as a result. Examples could be anything from controlling tendencies or fears of intimacy to overwhelming performance fears, anger issues, or beliefs that you’re not good enough. When issues like this put limits on your life, we know the ego is dominating the playing field and higher self will not be able to have much influence.

Once the obvious issues have been cleared, the overwhelming influence of ego will be minimized, creating the space for your higher self to get into the game. When ego and higher self are in better balance, we finally have the ability to discern between an ego agenda and a true purpose agenda in each of the choices we make going forward.

The next challenge is more advanced because we need to evolve beyond the standards set by society and challenge ego in its more covert form. Let's say the standards we have for character in our society sit at about 80%. We aren't expected to be 100% honest, 80% is fine. We can keep about 80% of our promises, but slack off on the rest. We are expected to take responsibility for about 80% of our circumstances, and the rest can be blamed on others. As long as we maintain the 80% standard, society will forgive us for the rest.

Reaching these standards is admirable, but remember that society is comprised of humans with egos. Any time we compromise character, we do it out of fear, and that means ego is in charge. If we are transcending ego to connect with higher self, we need to evolve beyond any standard that keeps ego in place. 

We transcend ego and create the space for Divine guidance by holding ourselves to the 100% standards of character. With these higher standards, we can see where ego is still showing resistance and that’s when we find new opportunities to heal issues and strengthen the advantage of the higher self.

Transcending ego means evolving beyond it far enough to see the difference between ego and higher self in every decision you make. The Universe is always trying to help us choose the path of higher self, but we can't hear those messages when we are under the influence of ego. Once you can see the ego in action you will recognize how much power it has in dragging you back into old patterns, and that maintaining the advantage for the higher self is an ongoing path of mastery.