Choosing affirmations from the heart will create a more meaningful growth process.
Choosing affirmations from the heart will create a more meaningful growth process.

If the Universe has a wonderful plan for your life and is just waiting for you to join the conversation, then let’s get to it! Positive affirmations are the first step to communicating with guidance and getting your growth process in alignment.

The concept of affirming a new reality has been around a long time and is a popular element of most attraction strategies.

  • I make $100k per year.
  • I am married to my best friend.
  • I am healthy, fit, and full of energy.

One common misunderstanding with this approach is that by declaring something to be yours, you are commanding it to arrive on your doorstep simply by allowing it to be. On the contrary, I have found that affirming a new reality acts as a request to the Universe to reveal your path of growth. You affirm the direction, the Universe shows you the path, then you decide how far to go. 

In pursuit of our true purpose, the answers will always be found in the heart, so that’s the best place to look when choosing an affirmation. However, at the beginning of a growth process, ego will be in the way, possibly clouding your vision of what is truly in your heart. The ego is based on fear, so it defines happiness as anything that will relieve that fear, like safety, security, validation, or control. Money is a great example because it brings security for the future, validation that we are good enough, and often higher status that would protect us from rejection. The ego loves things like that and it’s hard to see beyond that kind of gratification. But, if you look more carefully at how the money will serve you, you can focus on a more meaningful goal, and get closer to your own true purpose.

To continue with this example, do you want money that has been handed to you for no reason? Or would you prefer money that has been earned by providing equal value to others? Money that you use for philanthropy of some kind? Or maybe money earned doing something you love? The more meaningful your request, the closer it will be to your highest path, and the easier it will be to do the work required to get there. On the other hand, money for the sake of money is usually intended for show, and when the growth process gets difficult, an empty reward won’t give you the incentive you need to continue.

When asking the Universe for more money, consider what you will do with it when it arrives. Will you build something that will be of use to others? Will you buy a new car that allows you to travel farther and take on new challenges? Will you invest in changes to your life, like reducing debt or re-locating, that would enable you to pursue work that you love? Come up with a plan beyond the money. Do some research and put something reasonable on paper that would be exciting for you. And don’t aim too high at first. Pick something that you believe you can do. And then let your affirmation represent the meaningful use for the money rather than the money itself.

Remember our original examples? Let's make them more meaningful.

  • “I make $100k per year” might become “I provide $100K of valuable service each year.”
  • “I am married to my best friend” might become “I’m in a marriage that helps me grow.”
  • “I am healthy, fit, and full of energy” might become “I love my body, therefore I exercise.”

You can ask for the right puppy to adopt, a career move that suits you best, a home that supports your lifestyle, or a friend who provides productive companionship. Whatever your heart can imagine, the Universe can long as you can grow enough to match it.

Remember that by asking for a new reality with an affirmation of any kind, we are opening a conversation with our source of guidance. We are saying “this is what I have in my heart, please show me how to get there.” Next, we’ll start deciphering the messages you get in response.