It would be nice if we could just snap our fingers and find instant access to all the mysteries of the world…or at least the mysteries of our own lives. You will find that communicating with guidance is not the same as chatting up the clerk at the corner store. The Universe speaks its own language, so you have to learn how to translate it, and you have to be listening differently. It has taken me decades to develop the connection I have, but here are some of the basics to get you started.

Determine your listening channel: There are three basic channels that we can use to receive messages. Most people have one that is the strongest, and some can develop the other two. If your channel is Visual, you will be able to receive messages with pictures in your mind. If it’s Auditory, you will hear messages in the form of sounds and words, and if your channel is Kinesthetic, you will have a more general sense, feeling or urge when you are receiving a message.

Distinguish between human and Divine: Be aware that not all things happening in your head or your body are Divine guidance. In fact, most of that chatter comes from the ego, or simply the human condition of separateness that we use to navigate through each day on this planet. Counting on that as guidance will only run you around in circles. Be on the lookout for input that looks, sounds, and feels like something you would never have come up with on your own and use that as your first example of Divine guidance.

Prepare your space:  Receiving Divine guidance will require an open, clean space in your system, free of the clutter we usually carry around. Meditation and traditional yoga are good ways to clear the space, but the guidance will not always be ready for you in the hour you have set aside. The daily clutter comes from our fears, beliefs, and other human issues, so the best plan is to assume a longer term path of healing and growth. At the very least, clear out any major issues because those will cause a lot of static, and then assume a regular routine of meditation or yoga or anything else that will develop your ability to be silent.

Find your portals: Through the years I have found about a dozen places and activities in which my guidance comes through clearly. Mindless activities like weeding or painting (walls not landscapes) allow my mind to open up into a daydream space where I have often received very clear messages. In recent years, my kitchen sink has been a very clear portal, especially when I’m doing dishes. Sometimes I will get into the bathtub and a floodgate of ideas will open up, so I always have my phone ready for voice memos. Your portals could be anywhere, but start with some mindless work like weeding or cleaning and see where it takes you. As you get used to receiving messages, it will be easier to see where and when they come through most clearly.

Presenting questions: I find that I get my clearest messages when I’m asking my clearest questions. However, I ask my questions in a way that separates them from any chatter or fear in my head. I like to get a bold marker, write a concise question on a large piece of paper, and leave it on the dining room table, either overnight or for a few days. The dining room table is in a quiet part of my house that isn’t disturbed much by the daily comings and goings, and can allow the Universe whatever time it needs to show me the answer. A typical question looks like “Disagreement with Diane: Stand my ground or do it her way? Which is best? Thank you.” I get my own messages in all three channels, but in response to something like this, I will usually feel more conviction for my own position, see an idea for how to present it differently, or feel a more vulnerable openness that says “listen to her.”

Have fun with these basics, clear the issues you have in the way, and tune in for more resources on developing your channel for guidance!