Allowing Divine guidance into my own life has come in stages.

When I was just about five, my Dad put me on his lap and told me that anything was possible. I could be anything that I want when I grow up – I could even be the President of the United States! Not quite sure what to do with that, I think I said “ok” and climbed off his lap.

By the time I became a teenager, Dad was hauling me to workshops and we learned the tools of mind-over-matter together. The “anything is possible” theory was front and center and we both had lists of “I want this, and I want that.” I was a young human being with an ambitious little ego, just starting to explore my own power in this world. I used it to get better grades, perform better in sports, and was very proud of my extra special secret skills.

In my mid-20s I discovered yoga and made my first connection between my physical body and the metaphysical realm. I was also reading self-help books, some of them suggesting that a mysterious Divine force was available to help us get through life with more grace and success. My ever-expanding “I want” list and I were thrilled to find additional help. Just by asking, I could find an awesome parking space, locate my lost keys, and was extremely focused and productive in my career. This Divine force was apparently at my service, although it had not yet produced a suitable husband.

When I was 32, I actually needed help with something important. Dad had sold his investment business and I needed to find a new career…but I had to replace my previously abundant income in a geographical area with below average opportunities, and I insisted on doing something I loved. I asked for help, was guided to take some very unusual steps, and ended up in a perfect career that I could never have dreamed up myself. Further I was employed by a man and his wife who were an unbelievable match for my character and my interests. They challenged me, supported me, and turbo-charged my personal growth in a way I could never have expected. Not only did I swing for the fence and get what I asked for, I got a LOT more. It was then that I decided this metaphysical force may know more about happiness than I do.

My whole approach shifted from demanding items on my ego-based list to asking what might bring me more happiness, or more success, or more growth. I followed random inspirations through a six year process that delivered me a very special house which has not only provided a roof over my head, but included a treasured history, a beautiful pasture for my horses, an amazing garden that taught me patience, and an aura of feminine strength that helped me balance my masculine ambitions. Along that path, I created yet another career that provided me the space to express myself, make a difference, and expand my skills in a way I never even knew I loved.

After that, I tossed my “I want” list for good. I have realized that my human ambitions are quite small, and that I have found true richness in life along a Divinely guided path. It is not always easy - I have stumbled blindfolded down winding rocky paths, and I do still have an occasional temper tantrum. But along the way I find amazing treasure, so I have surrendered. I trust my guidance and I have devoted my life to keeping that channel open.