We are all equipped with a channel connecting us to Divine guidance. Accessing that guidance often develops in stages.

At first, all we have is our human desire. We have been told that human beings are amazing. We can be anything we want as long as we try hard enough, so we make our own list of what would make us happier. That list includes things like more money, better performance, a happily-ever-after relationship, increased vitality, and a healthy appearance. Our egos have decided that these things will bring us happiness, so we set our minds to achieving them.

Eventually we get the memo that there is a Divine force available to help so we make a little room for it. By then, we have stumbled across a few obstacles and realized that achieving our goals is not as easy as it seems. We are still under the influence of ego, so we continue to put the “want list” first, and ask for some help. We declare that we are worthy of receiving, and submit copies of our list to the Divine for assistance, almost as though it’s some kind of delivery service that will bring our dreams directly to our doorsteps.

As we see the “signs” leading us in new directions and showing us that the Divine is trying to help, we realize this assistance may be more like a treasure hunt than a delivery service. 

One day, something we asked for does indeed show up on the doorstep, and it comes with an additional bonus – something we didn’t know to ask for but are very happy to have found. It brings us a kind of happiness that we never knew was possible. It’s a happiness from within that somehow makes the other things on the list seem less important. We decide that this Divine force might understand happiness better than we do, so we soften the boundary and open our hearts to see what else might be possible. 

Soon, we find that the Universe asks for growth in exchange for help.

As we take on personal growth, the human ego steps aside, giving the Divine more space to show us what’s possible. We learn that looking to external sources for our answers is not as rewarding as finding them internally. We take more risk, trust the unknown, and allow the Divine to walk us blindfolded down a bumpier path. We are rewarded for our trust with amazing gifts, delivered straight to our souls, and we discover that the peace we find in those gifts is all we will ever need.

Surrendering to the Divine means giving up our ego-based “want lists”…closing our eyes and saying “your list is better than ours, show us the way.” However, we are still human so we can’t help getting in the way once in a while. Meanwhile, we are doing things differently than the other humans and they don’t understand how we could be so happy while they are still struggling to find more money, more love, and better health. We may not have as much as we previously thought we needed, but we have plenty, and we have true happiness. With that, the rest does not matter.

Catch a glimpse of my own stories in the next article.