Personal Mastery means developing exceptional character. It’s becoming the best person you can be and inspiring others by example. Strong character is essential in an actual leadership position, but the way you conduct yourself can also make a difference in your family, your workplace, or in your community. Just by demonstrating exceptional character as you interact with others in your life, you will inspire them to do the same and make the world a better place. The principles of Personal Mastery include the following:

Personal Responsibility: Owning your choices, your circumstances, and your contribution to any situation will provide you with far more power in your life. You’ll find productive solutions, lose the drama, and never have to be a victim again.

Authenticity: Be yourself, express yourself, and build a life that YOU love.  Trying to live by someone else’s standards will compromise your potential for a truly fulfilling life.

Integrity: Do your actions match your words? Does your behavior match your principles? Do you know what you stand for, and does your life reflect that? Integrity is mostly about consistency and aligning your every move with your deepest principles and interests is the most enriching way to live your life.

Confidence and Humility: Balance a solid awareness of your strengths with the openness to keep listening and growing. Learn how to be a leader OR a team player. Stand up for yourself AND accept input from others. Show respect for others while you shine your own light. 

Emotional Balance: Develop the ability to choose your reactions in any situation, rather than being at the mercy of your emotions. Sometimes anger is the most appropriate response, and other times compassion is more useful. You can see the silver lining or focus on real challenges. You can decide to trust or maintain your skepticism. Balance means having all the options available.

All of these abilities require honesty, courage and maturity. Our society sets an average standard for these ideals and excuses our shortcomings, which is compassionate and understanding, but mastery is always better than average.

Most leadership programs rely on will power to develop these new behaviors, but that disregards any genuine issues or fears that you have in the way. Sweeping them under the rug will never resolve them, so we skip the will power and focus on healing. Once we resolve the source of your fears and insecurities, much of this will come naturally. The rest you can learn without forcing anything.

To learn more about the benefits of Personal Mastery or the process I use to develop it, email me with your questions!