In the process of transcending ego, we first need to clear the obvious issues out of the way and free ourselves from struggle. As those issues fade, you’ll feel a huge sense of relief as peace and happiness are restored and you rebuild your life on a more balanced path. If you want to stop there, even for a while, know that you have done yourself a great service by breaking through those barriers.

Mastering the present is the next step in evolution as we clean out the corners looking for smaller signs of fear and resistance so that we can make the most of our Divine connection. We are venturing beyond the usual standards set by society because we aspire to a life that can only be found by forging a brand new path. 

Anyone familiar with contemporary spirituality has probably been taught that we want to be as present as possible, release attachment to outcome, practice forgiveness, be authentic, and reach for the positive. Meditation and mindfulness practices are a good step in that direction, and can help you experience a true present on a regular basis. However, as you may notice, the past and the future will continue to drag you out of your blissful present state once you get back to your daily routine.

To truly master the present, we need to acknowledge that there is more work to be done. By recognizing the moments when it’s more difficult to be present…or forgiving, or authentic, or responsible for our own circumstances…we are given the opportunity to resolve underlying issues and find more permanent solutions.

Imagine going beyond the daily management tools of mindfulness and becoming a being that is no longer pulled by the stresses of past and future…where these spiritual concepts are not only inspirations in our minds but completely integrated into our attitudes and behaviors, and being present is a genuine state that doesn’t need all the regular maintenance.

We get there by growing to a higher standard - refining integrity, developing maturity, finding courage, and demonstrating humility. It is on this more refined path that we find the issues we would otherwise miss and have the opportunity to resolve them. Your reward is no longer an hour of mindfulness each day, but a more continuous present moment, along with the experience of genuine love, genuine happiness, genuine change, and Divine guidance that comes with it.