Once upon a time, I lived in a truly amazing world.

The people I knew were committed to honesty and finding success on the high road. They treated each other with respect, they took responsibility for their role in any situation, and valued integrity above all else.

In conflict, two people could sit together and express their concerns honestly without any fear that the other would take advantage of their vulnerability. Issues would be resolved completely with solutions in place for the future. There was no gossip, nor any need to place judgment or speak badly about anyone else. Any individual upset would be seen as an opportunity for personal growth and resolved from within.

The people in this world were not perfect, and they were not all the same. We each had our own dreams and goals as well as our own egos and shortcomings. Emotion was used purposefully – to spark discussion and open doors of understanding between us, to inspire individual expression, and to present opportunities for even greater happiness. Rising above the ego was a daily challenge that was only possible with an absolute dedication to continued personal growth.

The requirements were lofty, but in exchange, we were all free to trust each other. No one needed to play games or hide from the truth, everyone knew where they stood, and we were all free to create, express, and develop to our greatest potential.

I know, it sounds too good to be true…but I’m living proof. For most of my life I had friends, colleagues and mentors stepping up to challenge their own integrity, develop deeper levels of responsibility, communicate productively with people, and we all had permission to hold each other accountable to those ideals.

We all earned our places by demonstrating an intense commitment to growth, complete with humility, courage and dedication. Ultimately, I built a career helping others to heal and develop themselves. It was an extremely productive, richly happy environment.

I lived in that world for so long I thought it was real. I had encountered so many people who embraced these principles, I assumed all people would. Then one day, I found myself swimming around in a world I didn’t recognize – full of vagueness and complication and people who speak an entirely different language. I wasn’t prepared for the games people play here, or how the truth can change from one person to the next. People are looking for happiness though indulgence, and the growth seems to be happening in circles.

Apparently this is the REAL world, and the transition has been rough. It took me a while to get my balance here and find ways to move forward despite all the obstacles. But now I’m trying to find my way back to a world where people can count on each other and move forward together.

Come with me!