If you’re new to the concept of healing the past for lasting results, here are some examples of what happens in my one-on-one EFT sessions.

Sara was raised and married in a culture that was becoming outdated in her current surroundings. While her husband was quite happy with the way things had always been, she felt confined, neglected, and afraid to leave. In any romantic relationship the challenges are usually reflecting something unhealed from the past. She recognized that her husband was treating her the same way her father had, so we agreed to start there. As we cleared the emotional pain from incidents with her father, her belief that women should be submissive started to fade, and her confidence naturally started improving. Without any will power at all, she was having direct conversations with her husband about his behavior and standing up for herself in a way she never could have imagined. He eventually agreed to some therapy for his own issues while she and I worked on her ability to set boundaries and recognize her worth. The last time we spoke she was entirely confident that she could either stay or leave and everything would be fine, but she wanted to see how far her husband could grow.

Anna was stuck in a relationship that no longer suited her and wanted to find clarity on the best path forward. She had some very definite complaints about how her boyfriend was too structured and too critical and felt that this was the biggest problem. After some initial discussion it was clear that she had a history of similar experience with her mother and other members of her family. As we cleared the energetic disruptions in that history, her fear of being controlled was revealed and then resolved, and for the first time, she was able to see how her own reactions had contributed to the demise of the relationship. As our work continued she found a much more balanced, authentic version of herself that was honest about what she wants and comfortable speaking her mind. Once she and her boyfriend started really communicating, they decided it was best to separate. Soon, she started dating someone much better suited to her genuine interests, and found a new career as well!

Leslie is a successful professional who came to me with a long list of physical challenges to overcome. She had tried everything, preferred natural methods where possible, and her daily practice of meditation, yoga and spiritual study hadn’t made much difference. She was interested in exploring how emotional issues could be contributing to her symptoms. She also had a very challenging relationship with her mother that left her with deep questions about her value, and was still enmeshed in those dynamics.  As we explored her childhood and started clearing intensity from some of the difficult events, she realized that her physical challenges began right after she moved her family to be closer to her mother. She had no idea her emotional past could have such an enormous influence on her physical well-being, and we had a lot of work ahead of us. As the impact from the past began to fade, the relationship with her mother changed dramatically. She started behaving differently, setting better boundaries, and expecting better treatment. Eventually, the physical issues began to subside, her mother decided to move away, and Leslie began a brand new life.

These are just three examples of how literally anyone’s past can be unresolved enough to influence the options in the present. It doesn’t take serious trauma to develop limiting fears or beliefs, but they will dictate the terms of your life until you release them. Once you start changing, people around you have the space to change as well, and that’s when the Emotional Freedom in EFT starts to show.