Many of my blogs provide some way to look deeper and find the source of your issue, and then point here for tools you can use.  

It’s no surprise that I have a natural bias toward EFT as a healing tool because my Dad is the Founder, and I have spent so many years dedicated to improving and co-authoring the training that we offer on his website. EFT is the primary tool I use with clients because I can get life-changing results on a wide variety of cases, but here I introduce its benefits for individual use.

EFT stands for Emotional Freedom Techniques, which is based on the principles of acupuncture combined with the principles of traditional therapy. It realigns the energy system with respect to emotional issues for a more integrated body/mind healing approach. Its most powerful results come with professional training and skill, but the basics can be used on a DIY basis as well.

As with most healing or self-help methods, we are conditioned to treat the symptom which is actually at the surface of the problem, and this is how most DIY users apply EFT. They will focus the basic protocol on a specific physical pain like a headache, or a current emotional issue like public speaking, self-esteem, or any kind of stress. I usually compare this use of EFT to taking aspirin because the results you get by treating the symptoms of a problem are often temporary. If it provides the kind of relief you expected and you don’t mind reapplying when the symptom returns, then keep it up – we’re glad it’s helping.

However, in my practice and here on my own website, I encourage a higher standard for healing, and prefer to help people find lasting, life-changing results rather than temporary management tools. For that reason, I strongly recommend that anyone using EFT in a DIY basis get their instruction from our Free Tutorial at , learn how to find the individual building blocks at the source of the issue, and then clear them out using the tools provided.

Parts 1 and 2 of the Tutorial are the most relevant for DIY users, and by the end of Part 2 you will be introduced to the following:

  • Tabletops and Table Legs: This metaphor shows how the specific events in our lives are the building blocks for any emotional issue. We shape our system of fears and beliefs one experience at a time and that starts from day one in childhood.
  • Specific Events: For best results, each specific event must be narrowed down using certain criteria. 
  • Tell the Story Technique: Once the event has been properly identified, this tool provides a methodical structure for working through each event and clearing the impact.
  • Personal Peace Procedure: Making a list of all the uncomfortable events you can remember will help you see patterns that may have the most impact on your current struggles. 
  • Testing: Continuing to test your results will allow you to dig up new aspects of each issue as you go and provide direction for each next step. 

I also have an EFT DIY Course that includes exercises, additional instruction, and individual coaching so you can make the most of your learning process.

If you are able to clear events and see improvement in your current issues, then I’m thrilled to have provided you with the resources to move forward. However, if you find that the results aren’t as fast or as powerful as you expected, then I can add professional EFT skill to your process in one-on-one sessions. Please contact me for availability.