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Finding Balance

It's difficult to follow your heart when the Ego is trying so hard to keep you safe. When emotional issues are showing up as limits in your relationships, career, well being, physical health, or anything else, your creative ability can fall out of balance. Look to your past for the source, and start cleaning it up. Heal the issues where they started to reduce the influence of Ego, and put yourself back in balance. 

These blogs will all point to common challenges, and help you identify their sources in your own life. In my experience, complete healing means resolving these issues from emotional, energetic, and cognitive angles.  I use a professional strength version of EFT in my practice because it accomplishes all of that at once, but you can try the EFT basics on your own, or use another set of tools that will accomplish the same goals. 

If you get stuck, or just want to speed up the process, send me your story!


  1. Is Your Ego Being Overprotective? - Think of your Ego as a parent trying to keep you safe. The intentions are good, but the decisions are like limits on your freedom.
  2. When It Takes More Than Mindset... - Sometimes there is a deeper, emotional component to your thoughts that can be hard to manage.
  3. The Relationship Window - By following even the smallest relationship challenges into deeper territory, you can open a window into much greater potential.
  4. Just A Little More Honest - The journey from fear to acceptance is where the entire growth process lives. To take the first step, just pick one thing, and be a little more honest about it.
  5. Comfort Food - If you’re using food to feel better, that suggests you have some kind of discomfort under the surface. The secret is to find the individual experiences in your life that remain unresolved.
  6. Being Strong - We admire strength in our culture and power through our difficulties without any whining, blaming, or victim dramas...but how often do we choose “strength” over our true feelings?
  7. Self Improvement on the Surface - We have stress relief tips, and weight loss programs, and relationship strategies, but have any of them ever. just. worked?
  8. Digging Deep - People say you have to "dig deep" to make progress. From my perspective, it means going back to the past and cleaning house.
  9. High School Society - High school has a way of sorting people into categories. Eventually we find that “belonging” in any kind of “category” can be limiting.
  10. Measuring Progress - Being more specific about your progress will make a huge difference in how far you can get on your own.
  11. A Better Version of the Same Life? - Making changes on an intellectual level felt so powerful, I didn’t realize I wasn’t getting anywhere on a practical level.
  12. Freedom In Action - If you’re new to the concept of healing the past for lasting results, here are some examples of what happens in my one-on-one EFT sessions.
  13. EFT DIY - EFT is the primary tool I use with clients because I can get life-changing results on a wide variety of cases, but here I introduce its benefits for individual use.
  14. When Positive Isn't Productive - Some people have committed so completely to positivity that they disregard the reality they want to shift.
  15. Possibilities for the New Year - Inspiration is magical no matter where we find it, especially when we can convert it into positive change.