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Each of us has a True Purpose, a set of unique gifts to contribute to the world, and aligning your life with your True Purpose is where genuine happiness lies.

Dedicating your life to growth and developing a genuine partnership with Divine Guidance can put you on that path and send you in directions you would never even imagine on your own.

Here we explore the tools and attitudes that help you put that partnership in motion. Remember, the Universe knows more about happiness than we do!

In the pursuit of an Ideal Human State, developing exceptional character is a very powerful strategy. Principles like honesty, responsibility, and integrity take the game to a whole new playing field where Ego has less of an advantage. When you measure your behavior by the highest possible standards, it is much more difficult for Ego to use distraction and justification to change your mind about growing; it has to face you squarely. In that moment, consciously and intentionally confronting Ego, you become a warrior for your own freedom.

This blog series will present you with questions and challenges to trigger Ego at this level, giving you the opportunity to reduce its impact with further growth, and master your interactions with other people.

It's difficult to follow your heart when the Ego is trying so hard to keep you safe. When emotional issues are showing up as limits in your relationships, career, well being, physical health, or anything else, your creative ability can fall out of balance. Look to your past for the source, and start cleaning it up. Heal the issues where they started to reduce the influence of Ego, and put yourself back in balance. 

These blogs will all point to common challenges, and help you identify their sources in your own life. In my experience, complete healing means resolving these issues from emotional, energetic, and cognitive angles.  I use a professional strength version of EFT in my practice because it accomplishes all of that at once, but you can try the EFT basics on your own, or use another set of tools that will accomplish the same goals. 

If you get stuck, or just want to speed up the process, send me your story!