When self-help isn't helping...

If you’ve tried everything from meditation and positive thought to will power and tapping but you still feel stuck, you’re not alone. It’s hard to explain the miraculous success some people report after making one little change except to wonder how long those results lasted. Maybe some people just have less “life experience” to work through, but the majority of people can’t simply wave away their limits with surface solutions.

The challenges we face in life can provide a deep well of wisdom if we process them effectively, and they can also provide opportunities for developing our potential far beyond average standards. A longer term healing and growth process with an integrated body/mind approach can provide the most productive resolution of your life experiences, and leave you with greater strength, power, wisdom, freedom, and depth than you may have considered until now.

Let’s put more purpose in your personal growth.




Emotional or physical, the challenges you face right now are probably reflecting remnants of your past that still need to be resolved. No matter what the books and blogs tell you, “letting go” of the past takes more than a wave of the hand; leaving those issues incomplete can allow the residual stress to accumulate in your system.

Complete healing takes some time

Everyone who finds their way to my practice has at least one area of life that can use some housekeeping. I have unique qualifications in Professional Strength EFT, a powerful healing tool that integrates principles of therapy and acupuncture for complete resolution, body and mind. I combine that with the ability to see through complicated layers of unresolved issues to find the right targets and get them all cleaned up.

Because we’re going deeper, this process provides a more pervasive kind of healing that will not only improve the challenge before you now, but puts you on a new track with more purpose and depth than the one you were on before.

I like purpose and depth.



Personal Mastery
Master your Self

Creating an empowered, fulfilling presence in the world can be elusive and frustrating, especially if you catch glimpses of success that just fade away. It's like there are invisible walls you can't break through, and trying to shift something you can't see is one of the biggest personal challenges we face.

If you're ready to stretch your boundaries, you can lose the drama in your relationships, create a fulfilling, energizing career, and find happiness in any present moment without approval from anyone. Get the best of my Personal Mastery experience, and see how improving your character and taking more ownership of your circumstances can empower you to create a much more fulfilling life. 

Mastery sounds awesome!



Beyond manifestation and the Law of Attraction is a relationship with your own source that can reveal your True Purpose in this world. 

Path of True Purpose
Align with your highest path

Just by following your heart you align with your highest path...but the obstacles are also part of that journey. Engaging with those obstacles and growing through them will strengthen your spiritual connection and keep you aligned with your greatest possibilities for happiness. 

I have been in partnership with Divine Guidance in my own life for decades and I have learned that the Universe knows more about happiness than we do.

I'm ready to rise!



When you grow, the Universe delivers.