Life is complicated. Let's straighten it out! 

Healing the Issues 

It's no fun to be limited by physical or emotional issues, but it happens to the best of us. For some, the limits are obvious, like pain that won't go away or fears that keep you from taking chances. For others, it's like you woke up one day to realize that your life got stuck somehow and you're not sure why ... relationships aren't working the way you hoped, your plans aren't moving forward, or you don't get through the day as well as you used to.

Healing issues
Enough of the darkness! Find the light.

In any case, emotional difficulties in the past may be affecting you more than you realize, especially if their energetic impact has never been addressed. 

Professional strength EFT combines the principles of therapy and Acupuncture to go beyond the surface and deliver changes that last! EFT has provided freedom from a wide variety of issues and my credentials are one of a kind.

Let's get you unstuck!


Growing into Mastery

Creating an empowered, fulfilling presence in the world can be elusive and frustrating, especially if you catch glimpses of success that just fade away. It's like there are invisible walls you can't break through, and trying to shift something you can't see is one of the biggest personal challenges we face. 

Growing into Mastery
Break free from common standards

But consider this...any limits you face now were probably formed under the common, average standards set by society as a whole. In other words, you limited yourself to what everyone else thinks is good enough. Rising above that isn't something we even consider ... especially without help from an experienced outside perspective. 

If you're ready to stretch your boundaries, you can lose the drama in your relationships, create a fulfilling, energizing career, and find happiness in any present moment without approval from anyone. Get the best of my Personal Mastery experience, and see how improving your character and taking more ownership of your circumstances can empower you to create a much more fulfilling life. 

What would YOU like to master? 


True Purpose

Beyond manifestation and the Law of Attraction is a relationship with your own source that can reveal your True Purpose in this world. 

Path of True Purpose
Align with your highest path

Just by following your heart you align with your highest path...but the obstacles are also part of that journey. Engaging with those obstacles and growing through them will strengthen your spiritual connection and keep you aligned with your greatest possibilities for happiness. 

I have been in partnership with Divine Guidance in my own life for decades and I have learned that the Universe knows more about happiness than we do.

Let's see what's in store for you!



When you grow, the Universe delivers.