Helping you find freedom in three ways

  • HEALING the Issues: Professional strength EFT to disarm the issues that have you stuck
  • GROWING into Mastery: Personal Mastery coaching (plus EFT) to build character and supercharge your personal power
  • TRUE PURPOSE: Using Divine Guidance (and EFT) to align your life with your highest spiritual path

Start wherever you are, and go as far as you want!


Healing the Issues 

It's no fun to be limited by physical or emotional issues, but we all end up there at some point. Professional strength EFT combines the principles of therapy and Acupuncture to go beyond the surface and deliver changes that last! EFT has provided freedom from a wide variety of issues and my credentials are one of a kind.

Let's get you unstuck!

"Why tap on the problem when you can resolve the reason?" Tina Craig

Growing into Mastery

Without any obvious limits it can be difficult to see what's keeping you from a higher powered presence in the world. Get the best of my Personal Mastery experience, and see how improving your character can open up your options for a much more fulfilling life.

What would YOU like to master?

"Better character challenges the ego. Challenging the ego releases fear. The less fear you have the more light you can see." Tina Craig

True Purpose

Beyond manifestation and the Law of Attraction is a relationship with your own source that can reveal your True Purpose in this world.

Just by following your heart you align with your highest path...but the obstacles are also part of that journey. Engaging with those obstacles and growing through them will strengthen your spiritual connection and keep you aligned with your greatest possibilities for happiness. 

I have been in partnership with Divine Guidance in my own life for decades and I have learned that the Universe knows more about happiness than we do.

Let's see what's in store for you!

"Let the magic happen every day!" Tina Craig


When you grow, the Universe delivers.